Barclays Cycle Hire Online Forum

Barclays Cycle Hire hosted an online “Meet the Managers” forum last Tuesday, 18 October 2011.

Four Barclays Cycle Hire managers were available online for over an hour to answer questions and hear suggestions about the scheme, its operation and future plans. Questions raised by participants concerned availability, safety, and pricing, among others. Some of the suggestions were definitely something the scheme’s managers should be looking into, such as introducing a system of reporting minor faults found on specific bikes.
My personal favourite was this question from one of the participants, and the tongue-in-cheek response:

“Question #41
When are you going to introduce flying bikes? It would enable one to get from A to B much more quickly and would also free up the roads for more cars.
Asked by Alex, answered on 18/10/2011 20:05:14
“Great question Alex – thanks for that.
We have several improvements that we’d like to make to the scheme and I confess that investigating the possibility of flying bikes is somewhat down the pecking order at the moment.
I’m not going to rule it out – I just can’t see it happening in my lifetime.”

Click here to see a list of (mostly serious) questions and answers.


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