One-day Public Bike Workshop – Thursday 1 December

A one-day bike workshop will be open this Thursday from 12 noon until 5p.m., organized by UCL Cycling Club. Anyone is invited to attend whose bike has anything to be fixed or who has any bike-related questions. Tools and some spares will be provided, and some knowledgeable people will be around to help you out – what more can you ask for!

The event is free and open to all, no registration needed. To take part, simply show up at Bloomsbury Social Space at 25 Gordon Square tomorrow; everyone from cycling novices in need of help to experts who can provide it are welcome to join.


Keep Your Spirit Up!

So, it seems like Christmas is coming soon – ok, it isn’t really, we still have a good few busy weeks before we can all start panicking about getting last-minute gifts for the family and all that – but there’s a few facts that can’t be denied, like that this Thursday is December 1st or that Oxford Street is already decked out in shiny pretty Christmas lights, or that the temperatures have dropped yet another few degrees.

The thought of maybe wasting a little less of our precious warmth and jumping on that bus or tube has probably crossed a few minds. It’s definitely hard to convince oneself to stay active when one wakes up to see that greyish sort of darkness outside the window. I think that out of all the ways of staying motivated, the most effective is knowing what the alternative is (i.e. the hot overcrowded tube or an equally overcrowded bus, stuck in the morning traffic).

Another option is going ridiculous with the whole Christmas theme. Cyclists can get a set of lights that will make their bikes glow like moving Christmas trees, while walkers can don this cozy looking, snowflake patterned snood. With accessories like that, you’ll find yourself waiting impatiently for the next chance to show them off to the world!

And as you’re trying to keep yourself warm by drinking one of those gingerbread lattes, why not leaf through this fantastic book on the history of cycling, also available at the UCL Science Library. It might just make you want to jump on that bike again.

Critical Mass London – Friday 25 November

Another Critical Mass ride is taking place this Friday, meeting as usual at 6.00pm on the South Bank under Waterloo Bridge, by the National Film Theatre. Last month’s Halloween ride saw some interesting moments with a detour through McDonald’s drive thru, cyclists blasting music from their sound systems and some people dressed up in their Halloween costumes… Here’s an amazing video made by one of the many longboarders who took part last time. If it’s going to be anything like the one last month, this Friday’s ride promises to be a great event, and probably the only chance you’ll ever have to ride right in the middle of Euston Road with absolutely no cars around!

Back to School

So, the reading week is over and we’ve all happily recommenced commuting to school. The weather being nice, hopefully all active commuters are still walking/cycling/rollerblading(anybody?) to the campus. If you feel like you need a bigger challenge than a daily commute, why not join this incredible London to Paris bike ride?

In the meantime, we’ve decided to meet up next Monday to discuss our ideas with regards to promoting active travel and organizing some exciting events.

Do you have any questions or ideas that you’d like to share with us?