Thursday & Friday UCL Main Quad Events

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the day when you can have your bike security-marked by the police, as well as take advantage of London Cycling Campaign’s Dr Bike which will provide free basic bicycle maintenance and safety checks. All the while, Camden Council will be promoting active travel and providing freebies (and we all like freebies, there’s no denying that). All this is happening tomorrow (Thursday), in the Front Quad between 12noon and 4pm.

On Friday, look out for the blue double-decker bus – well, you probably won’t have to look for it, it will stand out well enough! – between 10am and 3pm, you can have a go at sitting in the driver’s seat and finding out what he sees and what he doesn’t when he drives.

Last not least, I have been told that on both these days there will be an active travel quiz with chocolate prize.

To sum up: free Dr Bike and security-marking; double-decker bus driving simulation; freebies and chocolate prizes… Doesn’t sound too bad, does it!

See you there!


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