Share Your Thoughts on Active Travel in London…

What do you think about getting around UCL and the rest of London by bike or on foot? Please let us know here. And thank you to the 40 or so people who have already done so. Soon you could be starring on our Case Studies page! 😉


More On… Bicycle Parking at UCL

As some of you may remember, we ran a poll on cycle parking in December and while most of you agreed that cycle parking at UCL is adequate, the number of those who ticked “horrible” was rather alarming. Following that, we’d like to get some more specific feedback on cycle parking that we can take to the powers that be, as well as talk about it at the Ethics&Environment Forum which is happening soon.

So, please help us identify what the biggest issues are with cycle parking around the UCL!
This is your chance to vent. 

There’s no need to register to be able to leave comments, so just type it in the comment box below and that’s that.

Ok, so I’ll start: what I find one of the most annoying things about cycle parking at UCL is that there’s only one place where I can leave my bike under a roof. I just hate seeing my bike rained on!