More On… Bicycle Parking at UCL

As some of you may remember, we ran a poll on cycle parking in December and while most of you agreed that cycle parking at UCL is adequate, the number of those who ticked “horrible” was rather alarming. Following that, we’d like to get some more specific feedback on cycle parking that we can take to the powers that be, as well as talk about it at the Ethics&Environment Forum which is happening soon.

So, please help us identify what the biggest issues are with cycle parking around the UCL!
This is your chance to vent. 

There’s no need to register to be able to leave comments, so just type it in the comment box below and that’s that.

Ok, so I’ll start: what I find one of the most annoying things about cycle parking at UCL is that there’s only one place where I can leave my bike under a roof. I just hate seeing my bike rained on!



  1. The security is of course most important and I would like to suggest indoor parking, where you have to use your student card to get in and possibly take your bike out past a guard. This would also help with the weathering of the bikes, because if they are left in the rain regularly, and in London this is expected, then they rust and repair costs can become huge!

  2. Just had my bike stolen from Medawar gardens (near the MRC building), it was locked to one of the bike ‘trees’ which in retrospect was stupid as you can’t adequately lock the frame to the rack. So naturally I think UCL bike parking is atrocious.

  3. Some stands, although on campus, are in areas with little or no through-traffic (eg. behind the railings by Archaeology) I much prefer to leave my bike somewhere with more people walking past.

    I also agree that much more covered cycle parking is needed.

    I’d also like to highlight UCL’s other non-Bloomsbury campuses and institutes, some of these have no dedicated cycle parking.

    Only just found this blog, it’s wonderful!

  4. A lot of the bike stands are very flimsy and some aren’t even attached to the ground.
    I had a bike stolen partly because I liocked it to a stand that wasn’t good enough

  5. Thanks Momo, these are all very useful suggestions! I agree about the bike locks – we might organize a bit of a campaign to ask people to stop doing it.

    Just wondering, if UCL didn’t like the idea of placing more bike stands in the front quad, are there any other places that might be convenient and easy accessible to everyone?

  6. Hi, I just joined today.
    I think there are just not enough options to put your bike on the Bloomsbury campus. UCL should aim to double up the numbers of bikestands! so that they are also enough during term time, when arriving after 10AM. For example in the main quad> people start locking their bikes to the railings out of desperation, which actually causes more hazards than another row of bike stands would.
    Can I suggest to sacrifice some of the grass to bikestands?? Or is that unsightly? Make it symmetrical, and without roof.
    Also, some people tend to leave their locks on the bike stands, which are in the way when I want to park there (and I feel guilty since I seem to be taking their place).

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