Walk, Skate or Cycle This Weekend!

Well, we’re all done with our classes for now which means either more time in front of the computer (studying hard, of course) or more time spent out partying. Either way, I suspect a lot of people generally eat/drink more and move less during holidays than they normally do (save for the few who actually spend even more time working out than usual, but they’re super heroes anyway).

So, I thought I’d give you some ideas as to how to spend your free time having fun and burning off those holiday meals at the same time. It being a holiday season, there’s fewer events than usual around town, but a few caught my attention as I was browsing through the Internet (and we all know there’s no better time for Internet browsing than when essay deadlines are approaching!)

The summer schedule for rollerblading courses in Hyde and Battersea parks is now available with the first session taking place on Saturday 14th April. These courses have good reviews and span all levels, from beginners to advanced. And as soon as you’ve learned how to stop effectively on skates, you can join in the Roller Stroll around Hyde Park. Free and open to all, this is a relaxed afternoon ride which takes place every Sunday.

This Tuesday (10th April), there’s a free walk around Hampstead Heath, organized by Marylebone Birdwatching Society. Unsurprisingly, it involves walking and looking out for birds around the Heath. I think that’s just adorable and a better way to spend two hours not studying than losing the track of time on YouTube. Details here (scroll down the page).

If you like the idea of reconnecting with nature but prefer to do it at your own pace, LoveCamden.org has a list of self-guided Tree Walks which take you around Bloomsbury’s green spaces (back streets, gardens etc) and introduce you to the area’s most interesting and beautiful trees. Maps and descriptions are available in pdf.

And if you prefer to discover the city rather than nature, London Walks are always a great option, alas, not free at all, but 8 quid is not that bad for something as exciting as a Jack the Ripper Tour or the Olympic Walk, is it!

A relaxed ride around Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park starts tomorrow (8th April) at 10 and will go on for about 40min. You can find more rides, including some more challenging and off-road ones, hereThey’re part of the SkyRide scheme so they’re free but you need to register.

If you have a little more time on your hands and are willing to hop on a train with your bike, there’s two interesting rides, also tomorrow, organized by CTC. Make sure to read information for riders before you show up at the train station, there’s lots of useful advice there. Details here. Don’t worry if you can’t make it this weekend, their April schedule is packed with events, so you can always join in some other time!

Also, registration closes tonight at midnight for London Tweed Run, a cycle ride with style which takes place in early May. Sounds like a great event, and even if you can’t take part, you should still go as onlooker, it’s a sight not to be missed!

So, hopefully you’ll find something for yourself, and if not, you can always try and just go for a quick walk around the area, at your own pace and in your own time. Many people have gone away for holidays so London seems somehow more spacious and just a tad more slow-paced than usual – ideal setting for a relaxing Sunday stroll… and ice cream vans are out, too – just saying 🙂


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