Critical Mass London – May 25th

Sorry about the long break – we got a little overwhelmed with exams and such, just like everyone else, but we’re slowly recovering! Soon you’ll see our posters promoting the Bike Buddy scheme all around the campus, and there will be more events to come throughout the summer! Although most of you are slowly getting ready to forget the uni for a few months and enjoy your summer away from London, many will stay to work or (like the poor postgrads and PhDs) even to study. We’re hoping to organize a few walks or cycle rides for them, although it’s still very vague, but we will be back with more details!

In the meantime, tomorrow (Friday 25th) is yet another Critical Mass, and with the beautiful weather outside there’s no excuses not to join in! I will be there and hope to make a few photos to post them here. As usual, is starts at 6.00pm on the South Bank under Waterloo Bridge, by the National Film Theatre.


Bike Buddy Scheme at UCL!

That’s right! We’ve recently launched our very own Bike Buddy scheme and we’re very excited about it!

The idea is mainly to help those who haven’t cycled around London yet or have tried it but found it a little intimidating. We’ll help you find a confident cyclist who can meet up with you and bike around for a bit so that you can become more comfortable with cycling in the city.

It will be a flexible program; we’ll only ask our cycling experts to commit to one cycling session with you, but if you both find it enjoyable and want to do it again, or perhaps on a more regular basis, then you’ll be more than welcome to arrange it between yourselves.

Visit the Bike Buddy Scheme for more details and to register as a bike buddy user or volunteer.