Bike buddy experiences!

With our Bike Buddy Scheme well underway we thought it might be nice to hear from some of the people involved in our scheme! By becoming a user, you not only learn a new and safe route into UCL, but you can learn a lot about your bike buddy and make a friend. And for those who wish to volunteer, you can gain a real sense of satisfaction but helping someone out!

Here is an account from one of our Bike Buddy users: “I had a very nice bike buddying experience. I just moved in west Hampstead and I wanted to avoid the trial and error procedure in order to find a safe and fast way to reach UCL. I was matched to Michael and he has been very kind (we chatted a lot) and showed me around the best ways in the neighborhood.”

It is also good to know that our Bike Buddy volunteers are willing to advise you, help plan the best route in to UCL and offer cycle tips. These are the words from one of our volunteers “I’m happy to go off-route to show anyone a safe route and back, give cycling tips etc”. So if cycling together on a regular basis might not work out, you can know that you have the support and advice of an experienced cyclist to hand!

To get involved in the scheme email or fill in one of the forms found here

Also if you have an account of your Bike Buddy experience we would love to hear from you! Get in touch via email or comment on this post!



  1. Great to see you guys doing your bit to get more Londonders cycling. It would be great if this approach was adopted by more large corporates in London.
    Hello HR depts are you listening??!
    Charles BH

  2. This is such a great idea! I have just moved to London and although i’ve been cycling for years (and happen to manage the active travel champions scheme)… cycling in London is soooo different than other areas of the country! The chance to go out with someone to learn a good route home or to uni is a great idea. Hope you get lots of takeup!

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