Cycle Safety Day

If that video stressed you out, come out to UCL’s Cycle Safety Day event tomorrow January 31 in the Main Quad.

The event, which will run from 10:30 to 15:00, is pilot scheme for cycle safety ambassadors run by TfL. It will be packed with transport-related activities including:

* Free cycle maintenance from Dr Bike
* See the Met Police for bike tagging
* Try the exchanging places experience – get into the cab of a lorry and look in the mirror to see how drivers of large vehicles view you as a cyclist/pedestrian.

See you there!


Heated Cycle Lanes

Tests are underway in the Dutch town of Zutphen to provide heated cycle lanes. Heat is stored in the summer and released in the winter using an asphalt heat exchanger in the road surface combined with a geothermal energy storage system. So cycling could be the safest, fastest and toastiest mode of transport when it snows! Find out more on this story here.

winter cyclists


Ride London

Today is the last day to apply for a 100 mile bike ride on Sunday 5th August, or for those feeling less energetic – a traffic free loop and cycle festival on Saturday 4th! Click the link for more info!