Cycling Articles

A lot of really interesting articles have popped up lately about cycling in London. Here is a brief description and links to some of these.

The Guardian recently published a piece on cycle safety, stating that construction lorries account for a disproportionate amount cyclist deaths. These dangers were demonstrated last week during Cycle Safety Day when participants were able to sit on the driver’s seat of a lorrie and observe first-hand how a lorrie driver perceives cyclists. This activity demonstrated the completed disconnection between cyclists and lorries, one that is extremely dangerous.

The article can be found here:

A related article stating that construction companies lack awareness of the danger lorries pose to cyclists can be found here:

Another interesting article came out last week claiming that the number of people in the London borough of Hackney that cycle to work has surpassed those that drive to work. The article states that according to the most recent census,  nearly 12 percent of Hackney residents use bicycles to commute to work. This is three percent more than those that use cars.

The full article can be found here:–but-why-its-bikefriendly-policies-stupid-8476581.html

And, another thumbs up for Hackney since this London borough’s cyclists have been named the “most stylish commuter cyclists”

That article can be found here:

Hope you find some of those interesting and worth a read!


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