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WalkRunCycle closely cooperates with UCLU Ethics & Environment Forum  as well as UCLU Cycling Club.

Look out for updates about active travel events and activities!

Why Choose Active Travel?

The location of the main campus is one of the many great things about UCL. But that also means that if you take the tube or any bus to get there, you always travel with a crowd of people who every now and then step on your foot or elbow you in the ribs for no apparent reason. How many times have you come into the morning class sweaty, angry and late?

There is a solution to this. If you choose to walk or cycle to uni, you will:

a) stop spending your mornings in crowded closed spaces
b) wake up your body AND your mind – a morning exercise actually boosts your energy levels
c)  save money – a day without a tube journey means you can spend that money on a good coffee (or lunch, if you use regular Oyster!)
d) save time – in London it is often faster to walk than to take a bus, and to cycle than to drive; also, it can become your work-out and your commute combined into one. (For more fun facts, have a go at our Active Travel Quiz!)
d) help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint
e) meet new people – by joining our group or taking part in our Bike Buddy Scheme!

If you’re unsure whether commuting actively really changes anything for you, please email us and we’ll send you a form which will find the most cost effective way of travelling for you (form kindly provided by Sustrans).

On our website, you can find lost of useful resources, but most of all, we’re here to help, working closely with the Cycling Club and UCL Environment&Ethics Forum, so please, do not hesitate to email us if you have any question at all with regards to cycling, walking, running or rollerblading to/from/around UCL.

Other partners include:
UCL Union
UCL Green Champions
Metropolitan Police
Camden Council
Camden Cycling Campaign
UCL Security

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Active travel quiz


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