Commuting Routes

Take a look at the list below to see how your fellow students get to the campus!

In this section you can find links to commuting routes from various locations all around London to UCL. These are not automatically generated routes but ones that have been submitted by UCL students who take them to school!

1. Camden Town to Torrington Place – a speedy if not particularly attractive route. (1.8miles one way)

2. Chalk Farm to SSEES – a walking route that takes you by the Roundhouse and through the hustle and bustle of Camden Town. (2.2m)

3. Elephant&Castle to SSEES – this route takes you across the Thames on the Waterloo Bridge with its pretty panorama of London; although the Waterloo roundabout might look a tad scary at first, it’s actually pretty well set up for bikes and is easy to navigate once you figure it out. You might consider taking a slightly different route back.

4. Seven Sisters Tube Station to Gordon Street – mostly backstreets/residential areas; highlights include cycling through the beautiful Clissold Park and by the impressive Arsenal stadium. (6.8m)

5. West Kensington to UCL Main Quad – this route takes you through the scenic Hyde Park; High St Kensington, Wigmor and Mortimer Streets might feel a bit tight. (5m)

If you would like your route to be added to this section, simply go to GooglePedometer, map out your route and when you’re done, click “save route”. Whether you choose to save it to your account or as public is up to you, but please remember to copy the URL and send it over to us at, and we’ll make sure to add it to the list below. Feel free to include a short description of your route – tell us what you like about it and also if there’s anything to watch out for.

As well, if you have any photos of anything interesting you see on your way to UCL, please attach them to your email and we’ll post them here!


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