So I’ve got my bike, what’s next?

Once you have your bike, there are a few other essential purchases to make. The great thing about cycling is that once you have spent the initial costs, there is nothing else to pay!

  • Front white light and back red light – the brighter and flashier the better! Motorists need to see you in the dark!
  • Helmet – highly recommended that you buy a good, well fitting helmet! It can make all the difference in an accident
  • High visibility clothing – you might feel like a bit of a nerd when you wear your high vis jacket for the first few times, but again, you want to be as visible as possible to motorists
  • Basic maintenance equipment – Bike pump, simple multi tool, spare inner tube, puncture repair kit – If the thought of having to maintain your own bike terrifies you, you can always take your bike to a repair shop. Also, see here for TFLs tips on maintenance and maintenance courses.

Finding your way around

Cycling Journey Planner – Transport for London’s cycling journey planner lets you map your journey and choose whether you want to follow an easy, moderate or fast route.

Boosting your confidence on the road

Breeze Bike Rides for Women – free local rides for women with essential training and support provided, aimed to encourage more women to ride, so it’s perfect for beginner cyclists!

Free Cycling Training  cycling in London may seem a little scary at first so here’s a free scheme to introduce you to riding in multi-lane roads and everything else you might need to feel safer on the roads. Training sessions are free and tailor-made to suit your individual needs.


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