WalkRunCycle is Looking for Volunteers!

We need you!

We are looking for volunteers to join WalkRunCycle and help us promote active travelling. We need people to help us run the blog, manage the Bike Buddy program, assist at campus-based events, and contribute their own ideas. Time commitment is absolutely up to you, as is your range of duties, really. This year has been lots of fun – we took part in UCL Green Week, organized the Bike Buddy scheme and started cooperating with Sustrans who have been giving us opportunity to gain new skills through their amazing training sessions. We’d like to do even more after the summer  – more events, more resources on our website, more group walks and rides for inexperienced cyclists – and we need you to help us make it happen.

If you’re interested, please write to us at uclondon@gmail.com with a few words about yourself and we’ll be happy to meet you to chat about what WalkRunCycle does and how you could contribute. Hope to hear from you soon!


Join a ride all round the boundary of Camden on Sunday 24th June!

Camden Cycling Campaign’s annual Bike Week ride all round the boundary of Camden, visiting every ward in the borough, takes place on Sunday 24th June. The distance is 22 miles with a lunch stop in Golders Hill Park. It starts at the Town Hall in Judd Street then goes clockwise round the borough; after arriving back to the Town Hall, the ride continues through the remaining internal wards finishing at Hampstead Town Hall. There is usually a good crowd and there will be plenty of marshals to ensure safe crossings of major roads.

Meet at the Town Hall, Judd Street at 10 am for a 10.30 start; arrive any time after 09.30 if you’d like a free bike check. For more information and a route map click here.

Naked Cycle Ride London – 9th June 2012

Looks like I’ve missed the most crazy group bike ride of the year – yesterday a group of around 1000 nude cyclists went by Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace, and you can see some photos and read more here http://www.metro.co.uk/news/866062-nude-cyclists-take-to-streets-of-london-for-world-naked-bike-ride. Their intention was to protest our culture’s heavy dependence on oil and cars, and to promote cycling. I’m sure they attracted a lot of attention! If anyone has seen them and would like to share their experience/photos, please write to us or comment below.

London Cycling in June…

… is a wonderful thing. Here’s a few photos I took this morning on my way to UCL – and that’s really just a fraction of interesting and beautiful things that I got the chance to see. I also got caught in the rain on my way back. Tea never tastes better than after you got yourself drenched in summer rain (because I choose to believe it IS summer already!)

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Do you have any photos from your commute to work or uni that you would like to share with others? If you do, please send them to us at uclondoncycles@gmail.com and we’ll publish them here for everyone to see and enjoy!

Big Bat Walk!

The United Kingdom is home to 17 species of bats, and Greater London to more than 6. Walking or cycling home from work or college at dusk you might well see them hanging out in trees, parks, woodlands and other greenspaces. 3 bat species can be spotted hunting for insects – each adult bat catching up to 3000 – at London Wetland Centre in Barnes (SW13) and this summer you can join one of their Big Bat Walks to learn about them from an expert and to see these beautiful creatures in action. Details here. You can also learn more about London’s bats from the excellent London Bat Group including where you are likely to see different species.