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  1. Cycling might be the quickest (of course the cheapest) way to get around London. Just need to know your route well and stay safe. I have been cycling to Central London to work since 2005 and now cycling to UCL Torrington Place Campus. My route is Tulse Hill via Kennington to Torrington Place campus. I’ll be glad to share cycling experience along my route!

    • Thanks very much for your email, Felicity. It’s excellent that you can help out and apologies for the delay in replying – we’ve all been rather busy. If you could fill in this form on the website, that would be great. Best wishes, Jemima

  2. Hi,

    I’ve been a London cyclist since 1994 so would consider myself quite experienced. I’d be happy to help out if possible.

    I ride from Waterloo to the Bloomsbury campus (Central House).


    Please use my Google address as I presently away from UCL.

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